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Welcome to my private Psychotherapy Service, based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Hi I'm Dawn,

My passion and my business is helping people be all they can be!

Do you feel stuck, powerless to act, a victim of circumstance?
Is history repeating itself or are you going round in circles and canít see a way out?
Maybe youíre already on the journey of self-development or have worked on yourself therapeutically and still feel something is missing or you want to delve deeper?

Together we work proactively to get to the root cause of your experience. Using various multi-sensory techniques we discover what is blocking you and what is needed at the deepest levels for inner resolution and wholeness. Simultaneously, in the space created, we encourage the re-emergence of the true you and all your innate wisdom and resource. The process is that of sustained transformation, reconnection, integration and true independence.

Knowing yourself, how to get what you need and being true to you, results in an inner supportive base of feeling assured, confident and happy. You can flourish, living a life of freedom, choice and fulfilment, which creates a ripple effect for those around you too!

Sessions are confidential and held within a relaxed, safe setting.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Present Parents - The Gift of Being Proactive

An experiential weekend workshop with Dawn Rosser, Transformative Psychologist.

Using creative techniques we focus on how to be with and help your children flourish through proactive parenting . . .

Article Links:

. . . The Present Parenting workshop has been invaluable"

. . . Parents of adult children will really really really benefit from this workshop. I am so grateful for Dawn's creative non-judgemental delivery on how to make parenting a more rewarding experience"

". . . a journey of realisation & discovery...it...helped me to identify the parent I want to be & can be"

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